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4 Week Fall Meditation Class Oct/Nov 2017

Midnight Sun Yoda Studio LOCATION
Midnight Sun Yoga Studio
in Downtown Palmer
125 W Evergreen Avenue Suite B-1
Palmer, AK 99645

Our "Meditate Like a Warrior" Meditation class is an 8 session program run by 2 instructors working with a small group of up to 20 students. The course will be held over a 4 week period. This is a very focused and transformative meditation class designed for beginners to provide lifelong tools for dealing with stress and supporting long term health, vitality and longevity!

Please use the link below to register or give us a call at 745-8688 for more information.

Current Enrollment
Meditate Like a Warrior — Fall 2017

Learning how to meditate in a daily practice can change everything in our hectic, stressful busy lives. It is a powerful time tested practice for living a balanced, positive life and can enrich your health and well being for many years to come.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn how to meditate with very simple instructions
  • Create a confident meditation practice
  • Interact with other beginning meditators in a supportive learning environment
  • Receive guided and engaging training
  • Learn about the stress response and the damaging effects it has on the mind & body
  • Learn how to use meditation as a foundation for positive life transformation

About the instructors: Samantha Berg M.Ac., L.Ac. and Kevin Meddleton, M.Ac., L.Ac. are licensed acupuncturists and the owners of Alaska Center for Acupuncture in Palmer. They have been teaching meditation and holistic health practices to their patients and to the larger Mat-Su community for over 12 years.

Dates for the 8-Session/4-week fall Class are posted below. Classes are limited to 20 people to ensure personalized attention. If you would like to join us, please register with the link below or call 745-8688 to reserve your space.

October "Meditate Like a Warrior" flyer

Fall 2017 Class is Full.

Thank you very much for your interest in our meditation programs. Our next class will be offered in Spring 2018. Dates to be announced soon. If you would like to be contacted for our next class details please email us at:


  • WK 1:  Mon Oct . 16th 6:30-8PM
  • WK 2:  Mon Oct . 23rd 6:30-8PM
  • WK 3:  Mon Oct . 30th 6:30-8PM
  • WK 4:  Mon Nov . 6th 6:30-8PM
  • Fri Oct . 20th 6:30-8PM
  • Fri Oct . 27th 6:30-8PM
  • Fri NOv . 3rd 6:30-8PM
  • Fri Nov . 10th 6:30-8PM
* All attendees MUST be present during the first class.
* Registration cancellations are non-refundable after Oct 16th

Thank you for visiting and please give us a call if you have any questions.

Kevin and Sam

Meditate Alaska

Comments from past participants:

Meditation has given me inner peace and calmness I was needing in my life. Thank you so very much!! –MD
I’ve gained willpower along with the knowledge on how to effectively meditate. It also helped me gain clarity and focus in the_ _rest of my life. This was an inspiring class. – CK
Allows me to be more present in every day interactions and it’s easier to let go of daily stressors. – LJ
I’ve learned to recognize how and when I’m overreacting to situations and how to separate myself from my initial feelings and reactions to make a better choice. I’ve learned that I can have control over my life. – EJ
I am expressing greater integrity/confidence and have a stronger sense of liking ‘me’. I am finding more space from the past and the future and have a greater sense of opportunities ahead…in my discoveries. – PJ
My back _is_ getting stronger, my dreams are getting clearer, I am more present more often, I am listening/hearing better, Self-motivation is improved, and I got better at crossword puzzles. I’m pleased to have done something for myself, to take care of myself, in ways that also benefits my family, clients and friends. Win-win-win – KP
From taking this class I have better sleep, reduced stress, better relationships with others, and have deepened my spirituality – CK
Interesting, good information, well written Lots of great stories and analogies, and humor you flowed back and forth so well…Well worth the money! – HP
Can’t say enough about how much I appreciate the two of you and the work you do. - MM
Now I’m able to see my problems as only _one_ part of my life, which opened new possibilities for my outlook of life. Meditation has also helped with tuning out annoying people. – KR
Meditation is a subject that has come up in several books I’ve read during the last few years, so I was happy to discover your class. I had thought about trying it on my own, but it’s much easier to have instruction. This class has helped me to pay attention to ‘right NOW.’….and I’m developing awareness of when I’m not being present. There are probably many things I’ll notice as I get further along in my practice, but I know I’m on the right path. – KS
As a busy professional and parent I felt before I started the class that I was just adding one more thing to my already packed day. However over the month as my nightly meditation time increased I felt as though the rest of my schedule opened up as well. I am focused more on the ‘present’ leaving me time to enjoy my family and be happier at work. I have an increased overwhelming sense of contentment and happiness. – KM
I was MUCH more patient with my 85 year old mom when I visited her for a week in AZ. Whenever she would say or do things I perceived as irritating, I would take a breath and say something from a positive perspective. I also had a more empathetic understanding of _her_ position at this stage of her life (also because I’ll be there in 25 years!). She even noticed the difference in me commenting that we had a really great time while I was there. – VR
The group helped to bring up conversations about many issues and helped to answer many questions. I will likely take the class again, when I have practiced for some time. – DS
I have learned how to incorporate meditation into my daily activity and feel that the benefits will increase as my experience deepens. - WL
For me, the greatest benefit of meditation has been the ability to take a ‘step back’ and ‘see’ the situation. Present moment awareness is a beautiful thing! Taking the time each day to meditate, I give myself the gift of stillness and reflection that allows me to become a better person. I can’t say thank you enough to both of you for sharing your knowledge and you time. You are _truly_ changing the world, one person at a time. God bless you both! – LT
I’m living in the present moment more often. I’m feeling more peaceful about my spiritual beliefs, my relationships, and more accepting of who I am. I’m finding it easier to fall asleep at night. I’m staying calm in stressful situations. – MB
First and foremost I discovered that, with effort, I _can_ sit and empty my mind! I also appreciate the sense of stillness I have after meditating and find that I am able to access that stillness at times during my day. One of the things I have found most beneficial during the class was when everyone shared their experiences. Sometimes the comments were reassuring, letting me know I wasn’t the only one struggling with an issue; other there were comments or tips that I was able to use to enhance my own practice. – SP
Realizing there is potential for deep inner peace and grounding is very attractive to me! I will continue to explore this. I already feel a sense of love and community increasing! – SR
I’ve been looking for a simple and effective method for bringing calm into my day – my soul and mind. Meditation has given me the tools to discover the source within myself and to build on the calm and strength that I already have seeded within myself. Who knew I already carried the foundation of meditation with me? I didn’t until I took this class. It’s medicine for my soul! – DE
I have had a meditation and spiritual practice since college days but have felt rather frustrated – I kept ‘trying’ new things – never settling on anything. This practice is simple. It has given me more of an anchor and the discussions were very helpful and clear. – SO
I have a better understanding of myself and the importance to ‘STOP’ and be in the ‘NOW’. J I’m making sure I take time out for myself so I can be more present for others. - JC
I now know that I can control my reaction to stressful and emotional thoughts in a different way. - FT
The class provided me with information and structure that I needed to begin a meditation routine. This class has helped me to discover the calmer, less irritable, and more positive person that I have the potential to be. - LD
Day to day events seem less stressful - JW
I feel so much more connected to myself and my life - I've really gotten to know myself on a deeper level. I feel like I've been living in the present - I feel happy and amazing! - KS